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By | February 4, 2019
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Google Lens is a super-powered version of Google. Google Lens is an AI-powered technology that uses your smartphone camera and deep machine learning to not only detect an object but understand what it detects and offer actions based on what it sees.

With Google Lens, your smartphone camera won’t just see what you see, but will also understand what you see to help you take action.

Google Lens will recognize restaurants, clubs, cafes, and bars, too, presenting you with a pop-up window showing reviews, address details and opening times.

It enables you to do things such as point your phone at something, such as a specific flower, and then ask Google Assistant what the object you’re pointing at is.

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You’ll not only be told the answer, but you’ll get suggestions based on the object, like nearby florists, in the case of a flower.

Google Lens can also execute commands. You can, for example, use it to connect to a local Wi-Fi network. All you need to do is point the camera at the credentials (SSID and WPA) embedded in the router’s casing and it will do the rest for you.

What can Google Lens App do?

Take Action On Text
Look up a dish right from the menu, add events to your calendar, get directions, call a number, translate words, and more. Or just copy and paste to save some time.

Learn More About The World
Explore popular landmarks. See ratings, hours of operation, historical facts and more.

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